The skills and knowledge that employers identify as important in the workforce align substantially with those needed for effective democratic engagement. Students in Read More

virtually any discipline can learn how to put their skills to work for the public good through Citizen Alum, drawing on the examples of Metropolitan State University alumni who are changing the world through their jobs and in their lives.

Explore the courses, independent study projects and potential connections through student organizations and co-curricular activities that could open this door for you.


Citizen Alum seeks to generate new ways of aligning the university’s work and purposes with alumni efforts to build a healthier society and democracy, flipping the emphasis in Read More

alumni relations from the campus to the communities where alumni are engaged.

We’ve begun by listening to alumni stories through student projects.Citizen Alum invites faculty members to explore new engaged scholarship opportunities—through coursework, community-based research or other creative endeavors—that will enhance our alumni’s capacity to solve public problems in the places they live and work.


Metropolitan State takes great pride in the legacy created by thousands of alumni who are active agents in improving the quality of life in our region. Citizen Alum imagines the Read More

power of harnessing this network of knowledge and action for the benefit of students, scholarship and the public good.

Citizen Alum invites publicly-engaged alumni to share their experience with students and to explore ways to further strengthen the effectiveness of citizen-alumni as stewards of our communities.


As Metropolitan State University celebrated its 40th anniversary and “40 Alumni That Make A Difference,” the idea of Citizen Alum was born at the June 2011 national meeting of Read More

the American Democracy Project (ADP) through conversations led by Dr. Julie Ellison founder and national director of Citizen Alum.

In Ellison’s words, Citizen Alum specifically recognizes publicly-engaged alumni as “allies in education—crucial partners in building multigenerational communities of active citizenship and active learning.”

Today, affiliated campuses across the country are listening to alumni stories, highlighting their public achievements, organizing public service activities, and facilitating new networks among civically-engaged alumni.

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